buguroo will launch bugFraud Defense at RSA USA Conference 2017

buguroo will be present, along with other large cybersecurity companies, at RSA USA Conference 2017. Come meet with our team at our own stand (#2737 South Hall) at the Moscone Center, San Francisco (California), on 13-17 February to see our products in action.

We will launch bugFraud Defense, our solution against online fraud, and bugBlast Next-gen AppSec Platform, an innovative management suite that allows an analysis of vulnerabilities in web and mobile applications.

Any organization can obtain a holistic view of the vulnerabilities in today’s mega-apps and their entire ecosystem thanks to bugBlast Next-gen AppSec Platform. It combines all types of vulnerability analysis and allows you to determine the most effective action to take in order to appropriately address your organization’s technological risks. Our solution is not only the fastest in the market, analyzing millions of lines of code per hour, but also the one with the lowest rate of false positives.


bugFraud Defense, a comprehensive solution to online fraud

Without a doubt, the fight against online fraud is an arduous task that requires a great knowledge about this threat, and that demands a simple and effective solution to fight against it. In addition, the context of online fraud is extremely dynamic, and the constant emergence of new campaigns demands versatile solutions capable of adapting quickly to changes. Detecting what we already know is no longer enough. In response to these needs, buguroo has developed bugFraud Defense, with the aim of detecting frauds and fighting against attacks such as the man-in-the-browser (MiTB), phishing, form grabbing or session hijacking.

One of the benefits that bugFraud Defense offers is that it focuses its protection on the most important asset of a company, its clients, offering them protection in a totally transparent way, regardless of the place or device used. The other great benefit is its detection engine of unknown anomalies. This engine allows you to detect cases of fraud in real time, even in those threats that manage to go unnoticed to other solutions.

In addition, bugFraud Defense allows each client to decide how to act in case of threat, being able to execute countermeasures to avoid compromising the user, and even providing information on the mule accounts to which the cybercriminals try to transfer the money, offering the company the necessary data to block transactions and thus prevent theft. Getting visibility of fraud actors has never been simpler: getting to know the victims, the attackers, and the attack mechanisms is now possible thanks to bugFraud Defense.


We're waiting for you at South Hall #2737!

If you are attending RSA Conference 2017 in San Francisco on 13-17 February, we invite you to stop by our booth #2737 South Hall.

Our founder and CTO, Pablo de la Riva, will be there to talk about the latest facts and figures of online fraud, and how buguroo’s advanced technologies can protect companies and users from different online threats. If you prefer a one-on-one session with him, you can book it here.

Of course, we will also offer in situ demos of bugFraud Defense and bugBlast Next-gen AppSec Platform, so you can check for yourself the scope of these solutions and the many benefits they offer to organizations. All with the guarantee of a company that has been protecting financial institutions and companies in Europe and LATAM for 5 years, and was named Cool Vendor by Gartner in 2016.

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