buguroo, most promising cybersecurity solution according to CIOReview

buguroo, most promising cybersecurity solution in 2017 according to CIOReview
Madrid, November 20, 2017


bugFraud has been recommended as one of the 20 most promising companies in cybersecurity in 2017

The company buguroo, with 10 years of experience in cybersecurity for the banking sector internationally, has been mentioned as one of the 20 most promising companies in cybersecurity by the prestigious magazine CIOReview for its solution bugFraud, based on the latest Deep Learning technologies and biometric behavior analysis.


"Today it is essential to combat cyber threats with cutting edge technologies that allow cybersecurity companies to go from a reactive stance to a stance that is truly proactive and dynamic, to adapt to the changing environment”.
Pablo de la Riva, founder of buguroo 

To achieve this, buguroo has developed an antifraud system based on Deep Learning and the analysis of biometric behavior that puts the focus of attention on user validation during the online banking session.  

DThis way, the user will always be protected. That is what Pablo said in his interview with CIOReview, when he explained that 

"Using biometric behavior analysis, artificial intelligence and the analysis of neuron networks we can identify the real owner of the account for the length of the whole session.

CIOReview magazine is one of the most prestigious magazines in the world on the detection and analysis of innovative technologies for overcoming the risks and threats stemming from the digital world, with cyber threats among them. Its mission is to help executive teams make relevant decisions for improving their business. 

This is why the November 2017 magazine focuses exclusively on the cybersecurity sector and on recognizing the 20 companies with innovative and revolutionary approaches to new threats.

The cybersecurity sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors growing in the world due to the constant digital transformation driven by the most competitive companies. This transformation exposes organizations to new risks and threats that can be mitigated with solutions such as bugFraud.  




Anatomy of a Banking Fraud

Banking customers around the world conduct more of their business online than ever. According to the CapGemini World Payments Report 2017, non-cash transactions reached 433.1 billion by 2017. As banking customers move online, so do cyber criminals that are targeting their accounts. 

Download PDF - Anatomy of Banking Fraud


About Company 

buguroo originated 10 years ago and today, global banks and financial institutions use buguroo to detect new online cyberattacks.

The company’s Deep Learning and advanced neural networks together with world-class team of cybercrime experts makes buguroo a first-class product to reduce online banking fraud. Every month, the buguroo monitor more than 10 millions of users. As a result, buguroo was named a “Cool Vendor” in 2016 by Gartner, Inc. for its buguroo bugFraud solution.

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