buguroo commitment during COVID-19 outbreak

As coronavirus cases rise globally, Fraudsters use fear and uncertainty to attack in increasingly sophisticated ways. Many phishing campaigns have already been detected, and as seen so far by our Labs. team, the spike in covid-19 related attacks is the worst seen in years.

In many cases, the fraudsters impersonate legitimate companies, using similar names, websites and email addresses in their attempt to trick unsuspecting members of the public, even reaching out proactively via emails and messages on social media platforms.

At buguroo all of our employees are equipped to seamlessly connect with our colleagues and our customers in a secure and productive environment, while working remotely at any time. We feel confident in our continued ability to serve your business and clients 24/7, so that your clients continue to be protected against any online fraud threat. 

All of our systems are cloud-based and our technical platform is fully automated, so we can reassure you that our service delivery functions will continue without disruption.

We continue monitoring advice from governments and the World Health Organization (WHO). This advice will help inform our ongoing risk assessment in relation to business continuity and our response.

We are very grateful for the role we play in your lives and work, and remain as committed as ever to ensuring your success. We wish you, your colleagues and families safety, wellness and positivity during these challenging times.

Please contact us if you have any queries.


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