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360º vision of the user throughout the Onboarding Process

The increasing opening of bank accounts controlled by fraudsters is one of the biggest concerns in modern digital banking. A holistic view into the user behavior during the new account creation process prematurely detects fraudsters who try to become customers of your bank.

Thousands of key parameters analyzed by our unique combination of Behavioral Biometrics, Device assessment and Advanced Malware detection technologies monitor how each new customer navigates and fills out the onboarding process to unveil those users not behaving like a genuine identity while keeping a frictionless experience.


What buguroo analyzes?


Fraudster behavior intelligence trained to spot known ilegitimate actions, bots or automated systems


Fluency pattern that analyzes the navigation mode within the bank application


Environmental anomalies checks that detects signs of suspicious user contexts or presence of malware


Context knowledge latency that monitors the familiarity with the onboarding application process


Brain response control that evaluates the form filling process response to short-term and long-term memory information requests


Device intelligence that analyzes the reputation and software anomalies of the user endpoint


Customer type that compares the behavior pattern of applicant user with the others ones


A good onboarding experience that ensures customer security while attracting them is KEY for the digital banking of today

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A three-level analysis that lets legitimate customers in and blocks fraudsters in real time

A comparative analysis of the new customer against good and bad user behaviour is not enough to identify a fraudster during the onboarding process, it is also necessary to carry out a personalized analysis on the context of each consumer within each bank.

buguroo analyzes each user’s individual behavior and contrasts it with the rest of the new users who have opened an account in the bank, and also with the fraudster types that usually try to get in using your digital channels. This way, detection accuracy and the reduction of false positives is significantly more effective.

Main reasons for a safe digital onboarding


Reduction of direct losses due to fraud


A seamless onboarding process means better business conversion


Protection of your brand reputation


Optimization of anti-fraud operations