Our latest banking malware analysis

In mid-May we detected a new Guildma campaign that affected banks in Spain, as well as different countries in Latin America and Portugal. Recently, we have continued to receive samples with small changes in the code.
Nowadays, more and more people use their mobile devices to carry out their everyday tasks, such as managing their bank accounts, which has resulted in an upward trend in the amount of malware detected for these types of platforms.
On multiple occasions, through bugFraud, we have detected WebInject attacks that begin with a computer banking Trojan and which, on account of the protection methods offered by banking institutions, have had to adapt to attack the mobile device. Cybercriminals use different social engineering techniques to manipulate users with the intention of getting them to install an application in their ...
At the end of September 2017 an article was published about the presence of a Spy Banker malware called XPCTRA (Expectra).
TrickBot seems to be one of the most popular Trojans these days and, as we could expect, our customers at bugFraud have also come across it.

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