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Banking Trojans for Android

Written by David Morán | Sep 7, 2020 4:28:57 PM

The world of malware for mobile devices, and more specifically for Android devices, isn't very different from the world of malware on Windows and other desktop systems. In fact, we can see that practically the same type of malware exists on both mobile and desktop devices.

However, it is true that some of the types of malware for Windows can't function in the same way as they do on a computer, which makes their transition to the mobile world more complex and/or somewhat disadvantageous for their developers, and in some cases impossible due to technical differences between the platforms.

Just like we did in our report on desktop banking malware, in this report we'll also focus on banking malware, although we'll be introducing other types of threats that we can find in the mobile world.

If we're interested in learning about banking threats, we need to focus on Android, which is the mobile operating system in which the largest number of threats are detected, especially banking-related threats. The number of detected iOS malicious applications is much lower than the number detected on Android, and there are no publicly known cases of banking malware on iOS.