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By the hand of buguroo, banks and fintechs can accelerate compliance with PSD2 and RTS in the following areas:


Strong Customer Authentication that enhances your users’ experience  

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is not synonymous with worse user experience. bugFraud helps the implementation of the SCA without adding any friction and even improving the user experience, through the invisible authentication elements that Buguroo Behavioral Biometrics technology incorporates into your bank or fintech.


Identification of devices and online sessions infected by Malware

In recent years, bank fraud using malicious software has positioned itself as the second most common form of attack. bugFraud protects your banking Web and Mobile channel against any type of malware (known or unknown) without installing any agent on the client device.


Continuous Risk analysis of user transactions

The artificial intelligence of bugFraud provides a continuous and holistic risk value on the operations of each of your clients, in the payment transactions or any other moment of the session.