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The latest Behavioral Biometrics analysis together with proactive fraud prevention boosts the power of investigation and protection

Fraudster Hunter delivers comprehensive link analysis powered by the unique digital DNA profile, or BionicID bugFraud generates for every user and fraudster alike.

This BionicID is created using thousands of parameters relating to a user’s behavioral biometrics (including smartphone and mouse movements, keystrokes, device profiling, geolocation and malware records) that recognizes with a 99,2% accuracy, the real person hiding behind each user, including fraudsters.



Using historic bugFraud data Fraudster Hunter can quickly investigate and identify fraudster activity to help fraud teams rapidly visualize both legitimate and malicious connections to discover accounts being used to commit fraud, and those at high risk of being used for future crimes.


Why it’s critical to know who really is inside your financial institution

Current fraud prevention solutions are constantly playing catchup to ever-evolving threats and the fraudsters behind them. As soon one type of fraud attack is discovered and stopped these bad actors adapt their methods.

While this battle is being fought fraudsters operate undetected within a financial institution’s online bank. Posing as legitimate customers to gain access to banking systems these bad actors immediately begin looking to compromise customer accounts.

What is required to effectively stop these entrenched fraudsters is the ability to identify them, understand how they operate and stop their activity at the source. 


Fraudster Hunter delivers the ability for fraud teams to identify fraudsters operating in their online banking systems, understand how they operate and create automated defences to stop them.

Comprehensive fraud prevention to efficiently discover fraudsters – and stop them cold.

Fraudster Hunter enables fraud prevention teams to finally have an edge in their fight against motivated attackers. From alerting on possible fraud by an emergent fraud team to stopping an experienced, entrenched fraud team, Fraudster Hunter with Policy Manager helps fraud teams stop fraud fast, before it spreads, hurting the bank and its customers.


Utilizing Fraudster Hunter’s deep understanding of related and linked activity associated with fraudsters is a proven technique to stop fraudsters at the start of an attack, or those already operating deep within an online banking system. Fraud protection teams can create individual rules utilizing dozens of BionicID attributes to detect fraudster activity.

This rules can then be combined to create campaigns that can be quickly built to address any combined set of attacks being waged against a bank. This approach to rule and campaign creation delivers a fast, flexible, and scalable fraudster detection and fraud prevention approach


These alerts can be integrated into a bank’s fraud management or transaction platforms via API calls to stop high-risk activity at any point along the customer life cycle.

Depending on the type of transaction and its associated fraud risk, a bank can choose any number of responses ranging from stepping up the authentication to terminating the transaction entirely.


Fraudster Hunter Benefits


Efficient & Scalable

Adaptable detection capabilities allow fraud prevention teams to rapidly detect and automatically prevent fraudulent activity across the entire customer journey


Rapid Investigations

BionicID and account linkage analysis allows fraud analysts to gain intelligence about the "modus operandi" of fraudsters, revealing complex fraud scenarios and stopping future fraud campaigns


Automated Detection & Prevention

Automatically discover active fraudsters and their victims alerting the banks so they can stop suspicious transactions - in real-time

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