Malware, known and zero-day is an ever-evolving fraud threat fueled by illicit profit and a low risk of arrest. Banking malware is a continual detriment to banking’s digital transformation efforts.

Here you will find details about:

  • bugFraud’s cloud-based fraud prevention to detect, prevent and alert on known and unknown banking malware threats.
  • Stop Customer Exploitation in real-time. Stops malware attacks in real-time at every point during an online banking session.
  • Contain fraud and minimize Fraud Prevention Costs designed to identify how malware executes an attack to precisely identify actual malware attacks


RATs are targeted malware that are extremely difficult to detect and can execute highly successful online fraud attacks to compromise customer accounts at any point during an online session.

Here you will find details about:

  • bugFraud’s cloud-based fraud prevention that utilizes each customer’s unique biometric characteristics to detect, alert and stop RAT session manipulation attacks.
  • Real-Time RAT Detection at every point during an online banking session.
  • Stops Account Takeovers by identifying how RATs execute attacks protecting the organization from ATO attacks minimizing fraud risk and losses.


Advanced Customer Behavior analysis against New Account Fraud (NAF)

New Account Fraud (NAF), also known as Account Opening Fraud or Online Account Origination Fraud, is when fraudsters use stolen or synthetic identities to open new bank accounts, with a view to maxing out their credit limits before disappearing into thin air, usually within 90 days.

NAF is a current and priority problem for banks today because it is hard to stop. The following datasheet briefly details:

  • How buguroo is reinventing the way to deal with NAF problem
  • How it works and the technologies used
  • Benefits of a safe banking onboarding


More than 30% of online banking fraud comes from apparently legitimate customer accounts that are really under the control of fraudsters. At the same time, current fraud prevention solutions focus on preventing fraud by detecting the attack instead of the attacker so they are ineffective in tackling this threat.

Fraudster Hunter with Policy Manager helps fraud teams stop fraud fast, before it spreads, hurting the bank and its customers. The following datasheet tells you:

  • All about Fraudster Hunter and it´s origin
  • How it works and applications
  • The key benefits for fraud prevention teams

Buguroo Behavioural Biometrics for 3D Secure

buguroo fraud detection collects biometric data from the customer at the point the OTP is entered along with an additional short text string in order to conduct the analysis. This analysis provides a unique approach to identifying customers from fraudsters by the way they enter text.

By applying deep learning technology to analyze this data a user can quickly be identified as a customer or a fraudster. The resulting assessment is then reviewed by the card issuer to approve or deny the transaction.


Phishing attacks and follow-on account takeovers they enable is lucrative, low risk and is a growing problem. Criminals utilizing targeted, and mass phishing campaigns filled with fraudulent links and ID stealing malware pose a serious business threat.

Here you will find details about:

  • bugFraud’s phishing protection to detect and protect customers from having their credentials stolen.
  • Stop Customer Exploitation in Real-time. Stop customers from having their credentials compromised at the point of attack.
  • Contain Fraud Prevention Costs. Stop phishing ID theft and follow-on ATO takeovers – keep fraud teams focused on finding the root cause.


Account Takeover fraud is lucrative, low risk and is a growing problem. Criminals using billions of exposed credentials, bot technology and ID stealing malware pose a serious business threat.

Here you will find details about:

  • bugFraud’s biometric ID based customer verification to detect, alert and help prevent Account Takeovers. Results bugFraud transparently detects and alerts the organization of any attempted Account Takeovers.
  • Stop Customer Exploitation in Real-time. Detect and alert in real-time of any attempted account takeover using biometric identifiers.
  • Contain Fraud Prevention Costs. Identify legitimate customers using biometric identifiers to minimize ATO fraud liability.

How does bugFraud fight online banking fraud?

The present digital transformation in Banking sector is promoting a high development of new attack tactics and methods with increasingly sophistication and speed of execution. bugFraud is an effective solution able to identify these attacks through a different approach based on the latest Behavioral biometrics and Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence technologies.

Here you will find:

  • How does bugFraud protect your customer's banking transactions over the entire course of their sessions in real-time?
  • Which are the most common methods and tactics used in banking fraud attacks?
  • How buguroo can effectively help you to avoid fraud caused in all digital channels (Web, Mobile app, etc.) deployed for your customers' banking transactions? 

Behavioral Biometrics to protect your Mobile banking channel

Mobile banking has come to stay and cybercriminals know it. Mobile banking usage has grown exponentially in recent years and its transactions account for 73% of all of today’s fraudulent activities. bugFraud Mobile protects your mobile banking channel from the most sophisticated User Impersonation or Mobile Malware attacks in your Mobile banking channel by means of the latest Behavioral Biometrics technologies.

Here you will find details about:

  • How bugFraud Mobile works.
  • Which key features and benefits make bugFraud Mobile the most powerful solution in the marketplace to protect you mobile banking channel from fraud.