3D Secure payer authentication system

The 3D Secure payer authentication system minimizes online credit and debit card transaction fraud, helping financial institutions and merchants identify customers from fraudsters.

But there are several scenarios in which this standard authentication approach may stop a customer purchase – ranging from an usually high purchase price, the use of a new, or different device or from a new location to transact a purchase. 




3D Secure solution to stop a transaction, false positives or erroneously declined purchases cost merchants and card issuers

With approximately 10% of all 3D Secure transactions requiring step-up authentication, many driven by PSD2 requirements, this additional verification step represents a significant volume of business requiring special attention.

Since preventing legitimate users from making purchases creates a frustrating experience that can drive customers to take their business elsewhere without looking back.

Merchants know better than anyone just how lethal an extra step can be to the checkout process.

Strong Customer Authentication Enhances 3D Secure Verification

SCA delivered by buguroo helps enhance 3D Secure stepped up verification to determine customers from fraudsters using transparent, Behavioral Biometric analysis that delivers an additional layer of customer verification for card-not-present (CNP) transactions to:

  • Avoid chargeback liabilities for card issuers due to compromised card information
  • Minimize lost revenue for card issuers and merchants alike
  • Improve customer experience and satisfaction with transparent, rapid verification






Applying deep learning technology to analyze data

buguroo fraud detection collects biometric data from the customer at the point the OTP is entered along with an additional short text string in order to conduct the analysis.

This analysis provides a unique approach to identifying customers from fraudsters by the way they enter text. By applying deep learning technology to analyze this data a user can quickly be identified as a customer or a fraudster.

The resulting assessment is then reviewed by the card issuer to approve or deny the transaction.

Frictionless Customer Identification and Fraud Prevention

buguroo validates customer identification, detects impersonation, and prevents manipulation attacks throughout the 3D Secure verification process, all while maintaining a smooth customer experience.



Uses adaptive analytics to determine unique user profiles, resulting in highly accurate results - every time


Cloud-based data collection and analysis starts from the moment a transaction is initiated


Transparent data collection won’t disrupt the transaction or put unnecessary barriers in the way of completing the stepped up authentication