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Identity theft or misappropriation is one of the cybercrimes that has most risen in recent years, causing not only considerable economic losses but also undermining one of the benefits that most major companies have been reaping from the Internet, to be a space for the commercial transactions of the future.
One of the reports monitoring the cybersecurity industry conducted by the Ponemon Institute was published recently. The report includes interviews with several client companies that use Threat Intelligence to discover which components they believe are most important and whether they find them useful or not. The report compares the years 2015, 2016 and 2017.
The relentless headway made by digital transformation in increasingly critical areas is driving the cybersecurity industry to revise the identification process of citizens who use services that expose data as sensitive as their bank accounts.
State of the Art. Evolution. That is the key to define the current situation about online banking fraud. As specialist, we are aware that in the vast majority of case, the cybersecurity discipline acts in a reactive way againts the threats of cybercriminals. A very typical way of acting in the banking sector. 

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