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Passwords are on their way out. Many people are already familiar with being authenticated without providing a password, such as through using FaceID on iOS, or by scanning a fingerprint on Android, and organizations are increasingly turning to passwordless authentication; a method of proving an online user’s identity using an alternative factor other than a password for reasons of enhanced ...
Do you know what Authorized Push Payment or APP fraud is? Imagine this scenario: you’re getting an extension on your house, and after the building work is complete, you receive an email from an account bearing your builder’s name with an invoice attached showing the amount you agreed to pay for their labor.
Almost everyone has heard of or seen the well-known movie Blade Runner, by famous director Ridley Scott. This futuristic 1982 film recreates a world where machines are able to think for themselves and make decisions.
From debilitating online attacks on major corporate websites to data breaches designed to influence elections, cybercrime has dominated the headlines in 2016. Threats and attacks are becoming more frequent, more sophisticated, and more effective every day. They are also becoming more profitable for the cybercriminals. Today’s global cybercrime is big business. Attacks currently account for more ...

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